High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

HIFU is the new concept device for the treatment of non-invasive rejuvenation.

Botosonic is HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) device, which means the equipment to be used by sonic power, not used by the light power. It is new concept therapeutic device. HIFU energy makes the selective Thermal coagulative change on SubQ or SMAS layer without hurting the ambient tissues for Face Lifting. The new concept is differentiated from the current rejuvenation modality.


Botosonic delivers the HIFU energy to the depth of 4.5mm and 3.0mm, which are located in SMAS layer, Fascia and deep dermis to from the thermal coagulation zones.

By contracting the fascia muscles, the immediate effects for skin lifting accurse.

Also by stimulating the collagen layers in deep dermis, the skin tightening can be occurring.

* Firming effect
* V line effect for face
* Face Lifting
* Face Tightening
* Rejuvenation
* Forehead, Neck, arounding Eyes – tiny Wrinkle Improvement